The Media & the Martyr

The international media never hesitates to release startling statistics and war casualties, if only to arouse an explosive public response.

It should be noted that the media covers not world events and their impacts, but rather topics determined relevant by their public audience. Think about why you almost never see news reports about the war in Afghanistan. It is not because the war is over or because nothing has developed, but rather the American audience has lost interest in the issue.

So it is not surprising that most people do not know about Fatima.

Do not let the lack of media coverage dissuade you: she mattered. So did every martyred Syrian child, parent, and neighbor. Photos of their corpses have been posted on Syrian activist websites, most especially on the “We Are All Hamza Al-khateeb” page on Facebook.

Most Syrians have been slaughtered from bullets and air raids, but not Fatima. A girl younger than twelve, she was beheaded.

Her photo, like so many, was posted on Facebook, and shortly after removed by the website for inappropriate content. Beneath the photo, the creators of the page wrote “Rest in peace precious child. You are in heaven now.” Certainly everyone can agree that the act committed against her was inappropriate, but is it wrong to publicize the injustice done?

It seems that we can tolerate knowledge of the daily Syrian casualties, so long as we are not confronted by them. We much prefer ignorance.