Once Upon A Matress: A Christ Church Production

Mr. Halverson’s production of Once Upon a Mattress is on its way to stage and is making significant progress. The cast and crew are hard at work creating a quality show for the CCES community. Mr. Halverson is an experienced director highly skilled in choreography. Cast member Marisa McGrady told me that, “He is really fun to work with and is really high energy. What’s great about him is that he does not just have cool visions, he knows how to bring them to life.” Mr. Halverson, as he did with Epic Proportions, will create a fantastic production with not only experienced actors such as Marisa McGrady and fellow senior Andrew Allen, but with novice cast members from all grades as well. Once Upon a Mattress will be shown February 10-12 in the Performing Arts Center. Please come and show your support for Mr. Halverson and your fellow classmates!