TikTok Drama and The Double Standard of Sexual Assault Victims

Ellie Bethel, Staff Writer

TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of Sexual Assualt and Suicide

Despite achievements, like the Me Too Movement,  in recognizing sexual assault victims, male victims of sexual assault are often not taken as seriously as female victims. According to RAINN, (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, 1 out of every 10 rape victims are male. Regardless of this large number of male victims, the issue is often dismissed. Many excuse the victims by saying “men can’t be raped” or “men want to be assaulted.” This recent story sheds light on the experiences of one victim who was assaulted. 

On January 20, 2022, Jack Wright, a TikToker, posted a YouTube video called “what sienna mae did to me.” The 17-minute and 32-second video discusses Jack’s experiences with fellow TikToker Sienna Mae.  Jack explains his history with Sienna. They were high school friends and reconnected because they both ended up joining the Hype House, a house shared by many famous TikTokers in LA. Jack stated that Sienna and he were strictly friends. However, Sienna took advantage of Jack.

In one instance, she got completely naked and forced herself on top of him, without his consent. Jack stayed friends with Sienna after this, thinking she would change because she always claimed “[she] cared for [Jack]” and “had so much love for [him].” Jack says that Sienna would take advantage of him when he was at “his most vulnerable;” angry, sleeping, and even unconscious. Jack stated that he became stuck in a toxic cycle with Sienna. She would assault him, then apologize, and he would forgive her, leading to Sienna assaulting Jack many times. Jack went into detail about a few of the assaults. In another instance, Jack claimed that Sienna knew the code to his house and he would wake up with her hand in his pants. She assaulted him so often that Jack thought it was normal. The final straw for Jack was when he was on vacation with some friends, including Sienna. Jack was taking a shower and had locked the door when Sienna picked the lock and tried to enter the shower with Jack. 

In May of 2021, after all of these events occurred, one of Jack’s friends tweeted the following:

After the tweet was posted, lawyers became involved and both Sienna and Jack released statements. Jack’s statement was a tweet confirming the accusations, while Sienna created a 7 minute YouTube video denying the abuse towards Jack, invalidating Jack, and refusing to apologize. In response to Sienna’s video, another friend of Jack’s released a video of Sienna forcing herself on top of an unconscious Jack. Here is the video (viewer discretion is advised, as Sienna’s actions are extremely disturbing). In Jack’s YouTube video, “what sienna mae did to me,” he explains that he was passed out during the encounter and his friends had to pull Sienna off of him. Sienna Mae responded to this video with another YouTube video attempting to manipulate the situation and claiming she was in a relationship with Jack. 

Sienna took a month off of social media and came back with a dance video, not addressing any of the accusations made against her. After everything that occurred between the two, Jack distanced himself from Sienna and started to process everything that had happened with the help of family, friends, and counselors. Since everything has come to light, other men have come forward to share similar experiences they had with Sienna. 

Jack’s story is heartbreaking. Hopefully, his trauma can shed light on the trauma that many men go through. Often, male victims of sexual assault are ignored and disregarded. There have been people trying to rationalize Sienna’s actions claiming, “women can’t rape men.” However, this thinking is outdated and disgusting. Men can be assaulted, by men and women. Jack’s story is a reminder that men shouldn’t have to endure this trauma.