Mental Health Importance

I think we can all agree that one of our most painful memories maybe was not when we were physically hurt, but rather emotionally hurt. Emotional pain may not leave a physical scar and have physical symptoms, but it does not mean that it is not damaging for the person and hurt as much as an actual physical scar. About 1 in 5 teenagers experience mental health issues. This issue seems fairly common, yet it is not talked about. When issues like this are not talked about then when a person has the issue they feel even more concerned with their issue because they believe it is not common because it is not a popular topic of discussion. Some teenagers were said to avoid their mental health problems because if they can not see physical damage then other people will not find out that they are going through pain, therefor maybe they can hide their illness. Another reason of why someone would not come forward with their mental health issues is because most teenagers reported that if they came out with their issues that most of the people would not understand their problems and not believe the person or take it that seriously when a person says that they have an issue because there are no physical effects.

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One of the main reasons of why mental health is underrated and needs to be talked about more is because the consequences of a mental illness can be fatal. Suicides are common with people with mental illnesses who are maybe too embarrassed to have a mental issue, leading them to not come forward and get the help they need. No matter what a person’s problem is everyone deserves to never walk alone with their problem and get help from family, friends, or even therapists. Suicide can sadly sometimes seem like the only way out of the issue because turning to someone else does not even seem like an option at that point.

Due to the fact that mental health is clearly important and not talked enough about, Many parents feel that there needs to be a course at school where the kids are taught about mental health and how to take care of themselves at a young age. The coarse could include self-assessment. This includes reflecting and taking the time out of a busy day to make sure you are making positive progress.

Most teenagers do not get help with their mental illnesses until adulthood. Part of the reason is because they do not know resources that they can turn to. It would be a good idea for most schools to have school therapists that are open about having a discussion regarding mental illness.

Some common forms of mental illnesses among teenagers is anxiety, depression, eating disorders, ADHD. These common mental illnesses can be solved with medication, but it is essential that the person also talk about their issue and not just solve the problem by relying on medication.

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Anxiety can come from school getting harder as the years pass or anxiety stemming from personal or family problems. ADHD is a common disorder among teenagers. Some have ADHD where they can not focus on any school work without having medication. Depression is a common symptom if the person does not come forward in the begining with their mental illness. Depression or anxiety can also be due to bullying that can happen at school and online. Eating disorders are common among teenagers who feel that they are always being compared especially by people on social media.

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With any of these disorders there are multiple things one can turn to. One is medication which should not be the only form of help. There are also therapies which can include group therapy. This is a great option for people because you can meet new people that also have similar issues to you. This makes you feel less alone and lets you relate to others. You can also have private therapy which is when you are alone with the therapist and discuss your problems. This is a great option for someone who is not ready to tell other peers their problems.

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Overall, schools need to have discussion or presentations more on mental health issues because chances are people in the audience have mental health issues and may be too scared to reach out and get the proper help that they deserve. There should be a class period in each grade that explains mental health issues and all the help one can receive. Also ways to help balance their lives, such as reflecting. These skills can help a student who faces mental health issues or just a stressed student who wants to succeed at school and life. Mental health is an underrated wide spreading issues and to say that it is not much of an issue and not important enough to talk to is not a realistic approach because many have died over these issues due to the fact that they are not talked about. Talking about an issue can save a life and give someone a sense of hope for their new life after one conversation that must occur.