Sydney Lee, Staff Member

Everyone always dreams of making an appearance on their favorite show or to sit next to their favorite stars. This dream came true to a well loved teacher at Christ Church, Kristi Ferguson!

On season 9 episode 13 of the Talking Dead, Mrs. Ferguson made an appearance on the guest couch. The Talking Dead is a show that airs after the Walking Dead. On this show, they discuss what they think will happen in later episodes and give their thoughts on the episode that just aired.

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In order for Mrs. Ferguson to make an appearance on the show she had to submit a video of showing why she is the ultimate walking dead fan and then people vote on who they believe the ultimate fan is. And if anyone has ever met Mrs. Ferguson they know that she is the most deserving of this award for many reasons. For starters, she started the walking dead club many years ago and it has always been a popular club at Christ Church. In this club, she always has great discussions to talk about that inspires kids to think outside of the box. She is a big believer in looking at both sides of a story. This outlook on life was shown on the talking dead and in her own club here at Christ Church. She always asks the kids to look at the episode in another character’s eyes. For instance, look at the show in the villain’s eyes and then determine if he or she is still the villain. This way of thinking can be applied to life outside of the show. For instance, look at life through the eyes of someone you have issues with. Through understanding their position, you can make better decisions about the situation and maybe even find sympathy or empathy along the way.

Other reasons of why Mrs. Ferguson is the most deserving of her award is because of who she is as a person. If anyone has ever had her as a teacher everyone would agree that she is a devoted to her job and students. She always helps her students in the class through her lectures and is always available after school. She takes time out of her day to have discussions with passionate students and with students who are confused regarding the material.

Not only is she a great history teacher but she is a great person overall. She inspires her students to be the best they can be as a person before they are set free into society. A teacher is an amazing teacher if they do their job well by teaching the material well and if they go a step beyond and prepare the students for life outside of school as well as in school. She constantly gives good advice in her classes of how to treat others and is always invested in her students. She gives off a vibe that she genuinely cares, therefore all the students are open in her class to ask questions and come to her with life questions. Having a great teacher outside and in the classroom and to have someone trustworthy enough to confide in is a rare sighting.  

Mrs. Ferguson contributes in many charities and always gives back to society. Every year she has a can food drive and this is always one of the most well known and impactful services we do here at Christ Church. In class, she constantly makes comments about how blessed we all are how we should be there for people who are not as privileged or blessed as us. Not just by giving the needy clothes and food and other basic necessities, but also by spending time with them because something they may lack tings that we all take for granted, such as family and friends.

Personally, I have luckily had Mrs. Ferguson as a teacher twice in my high school experience. I had her as my junior teacher for AP European History and as my Holocaust teacher this year.

Junior year, I was able to see her strengths as a history teacher. She knows an abundance of information and you could ask her any question and she would know information past the textbook and what she has to teach in the course. She knows extra information because she is passionate about what she teaches and reads books and watches films about her subject, making her extremely well formed in her profession.

In Holocaust, I was able to see how she incorporates valuable life lessons in her courses. In Holocaust class, not only do I learn about the actual facts of what happened, but she also makes us watch films that conjure up feelings of sympathy over what happened. It is easy to read about the Holocaust in a textbook. Through only reading repetitive words, the Holocaust can lose its sentimental meaning. When a student reads about the horror that occured, overtime we can become desensitized to the material and we forget to have feelings regarding the victims. On the other hand, through the films we remember what happened to the victims and the emotion that comes with it. It leaves all the students grateful that we have not gone through the same thing and reminds us to treat all people equally because we know of the pain that caused victims of the Holocaust because they were treated different.

The lessons that come from her teachings are beyond information. We are left positively affected as humans in society and are left feeling grateful for what they have and ready to give back to the community and lead a life of treating everyone with equality.

Due to her gifts as a person and teacher the whole school was extremely proud and excited when it was announced that Mrs. Ferguson could live out her dream of going to LA and meeting the cast to her favorite show of all time.

In the show, Mrs. Ferguson gave her insight on the episodes and the character conflicts. She even managed to incorporate her other passion history with the lessons and morals of the episodes. She once again did not fail to educate the stars of the show about history and the viewers at home.

Everyone at home fell in love with her spirit and what she had to say, therefore there have been many tweets of how everyone loves Kristi and wants her back on the talking dead! The cast and everyone in LA thought she was the best ultimate fan and could tell that she was passionate about the show and thought deeply about the show in a way that ultimate fans should. We are all praying that Mrs. Ferguson can make a come back and relive her well deserved dream of being on the talking dead inspiring kids at home and sending out the message that if you are a good person, good things will happen, and if you are openly passionate about things in life then dreams do come true!