Top 5 Black Friday Gadgets You Should Buy

Kyle Jakubowicz

It is approaching that time of year where all the newest coolest expensive gadgets will be on sale for a fraction of their usual price.  The thought of all the previously untouchable items that you dearly want being in your grasp is unreal. Yet you know that even if all of these gadgets and gizmos prices were significantly reduced you would not be able to afford everything so what do you choose.  Well this top 5 list of black friday tech gadgets should definitely help narrowing down your list.

Number 5 Echo smart speaker

Ever feel like shopping without having to stop what you’re doing well with the Echo smart speaker you can do just that.  You can change the music, find out the weather or look up random facts all with a simple voice command.

Number 4 Google Pixel 2

Ever wonder what catchy song is playing on the radio but can’t find out what it’s called well have no fear the Google Pixel 2 is here with a setting that you can activate that can read the music playing in the background and show you what the song is called and information about it.  This is not all this wonder of a phone can do it also has 4k video for taking movie quality videos. A fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone so you can turn on the phone as you pull it out of your pocket. This phone really has everything.

Number 3 Macbook air

The Macbook air is a great all around laptop for working.  Its layout is easy to grasp It has a fingerprint login system so you don’t have to go through the tedious process of typing in a password over and over again just because you forgot to capitalize 2 letters. The best part about it is that the air has a 12 hour battery life that means it won’t die in the middle of the day.

Number 2 HTC Vive

This pc only VR device is everything you could have ever wanted for an immersive realistic VR experience., comfortable controls, immersive, has blue walls that show your at the boundary to prevent you from colliding with the furniture around you.

Number 1 Playstation 4 pro

The Playstation 4 pro is the staple of modern console gaming is a must have for this black friday, with 4k gaming, many great Playstation exclusives like the Uncharted series and The Last of Us.  The Playstation pro even supports VR.