Tacky Prom

It was that time of year again for the ladies to pull out the sequins dresses and scrunches and for the men to pull out the neon tuxes and 5 dollar sunglasses. Last Tuesday the tacky prom happened and I think everyone can agree that it was one of the best ones yet. There were snacks on the right side of the room. It consisted of popcorn, candy, and of course much needed water from dancing on the floor. 

Besides the food and the amazing DJ there was a photoshoot near the food bar. Mr. Riley took professional photos of all the students and of course some faculty. These photos were distributed on the tv throughout the event. Every time you looked at the photoshoot there was always friends hugging each other in front of an 80’s geometric background to make the photo even better and tackier. The photos turned out amazing and was the perfect mixture of vintage vibes, awkwardness, and happiness. 

The clothing is the most rememberable part of the whole prom. Ana a junior at Christ Church wore a maxi golden dress with a flower pattern that consists of sequins, a statement piece from the 80’s. She got this dress from her Mom’s closet and was “shocked that her Mom had something that tacky”. She accessorized the outfit with bright green and pink gloves and a pink beaded necklace. The top off the whole outfit she put blue eyeshadow on her eyes to make the whole look pop. 

One of the highlights of the party was when McCrady a sophomore from Christ Church was lifted in the air by everyone in the middle of the dance floor while the DJ played the song “Mo Bamba” by Sheck Wes. The whole crowd went wild partly because everyone had a fear of dropping him. 

Overall, the dance was fun, vibrant, and just the right amount of tackiness. Being able to wear what you want and dancing with your friends while snacking on food with a nearby shoot creates the perfect Tuesday night. This has been a CCES tradition during homecoming for a while and always includes a high number of people every year. The last thing we can all hope for is that the actual prom is just as great as the tacky prom was this year.