Clemson Professor Speaks to Students about College Classes

This Monday, a speaker from the Clemson chemistry department came to speak to the senior physics classes. The speaker, Professor Chad Sosolik, started off by telling his story. He grew up in a small town in Texas where physics was not part of the school curriculum. After high school, he attended Texas A&M  University and studied physics and is now a professor at Clemson. Sosolik then talked to the class about the benefits of a physics degree. At Clemson, both engineering and pre-med students have to take a physics class. This teaches students important skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving. According to Sosolik, getting a physics degree can help students in any job. He then talked about the huge number of opportunities physics provides students, both in and out of school.

Christ Church needs to invite more of this type of speaker to come to school. These speakers can talk about things that college can not. Being part of a specific department, Sosolik was able to talk to students about what a physics degree and career are like.  This helps students learn about what classes to take at any college, not just Clemson. Deciding what you want to study is just as important as deciding what school to go to. Often when students go to college they only have a vague idea of what they want to study and have no idea what those classes will look like. Sosolik explained what studying physics is like, and why Clemson is a good school at which to study physics. In the future, I hope that CCES invites more speakers to come and talk with students about other classes they can take and degrees they can earn in college.