Easter Tragedy

Candy, joy, excitement, and family filled Easter Sunday for many Christ Church students. We were fortunate to be surrounded by loved ones, whether they live with us or far away. After all, on holidays like Easter it is so important to embrace our loved ones and really enjoy the time we have together.


Unfortunately, this was not the case for a family in Cleveland, Ohio. Robert Godwin was walking down a sidewalk with his kids just after his Easter meal. Seemingly out of nowhere, Steve Stephens pulled a gun on him. Stephens previously had a conflict with his girlfriend and was clearly mentally unstable. Stephens forced Godwin to say his girlfriend’s name and then states, “she’s the reason why this is about to happen to you.” Stephens then shot and killed Godwin in cold blood. Obviously, Godwin’s children are distressed by this tragedy and angered by Stephens’ actions and are going through a period of grief and confusion.


Just two days after the killing of Godwin, Stephens filmed his own death as he shot himself. The Cleveland Police were obviously glad that the hunt for Stephens had ended, but loved ones close to Godwin were not quite as glad. Brenda Haymond, Godwin’s daughter stated, “I wish he had gone down in a hail of 100 bullets.” Clearly, Haymond is still freshly angered and wanted Stephen to experience what they went through. Haymond discovered the news of Stephen’s death while planning her own father’s funeral. The funeral is scheduled for this Saturday.
Awful actions like this are so heart to resonate with for many of us. It just goes to show the unpredictability and rapid changes of life. We all need to hold our loved ones close, because we never know when we will lose them. The thoughts and prayers of CCES members are most definitely with the family of the victim and all those effected.