Tigers Take on the Crimson Tide


Quarterback Deshaun Watson runs for a touchdown in the CFP Semifinals against Oklahoma (Kim Klement/USA Today Sports).

Today, the beloved Clemson Tigers will play Alabama in the College Football Playoff National Championship. Many Christ Church students will be watching their favorite team from their own homes, with friends or all the way in Arizona. While kickoff approaches, it is consuming the minds of Christ Church students and teachers alike, and many students are finalizing their plans for tonight.

The last time Clemson played in the National Championship was 1981. Ironically, Glendale, Arizona is exactly 1,981 miles away from Clemson.  Both teams have players that were nominated for the Heisman Trophy, but it was Alabama’s Derrick Henry that took home the title of 2015 Heisman Trophy Winner. Clemson’s Deshaun Watson came in third.  Clemson is definitely the underdog for this game with Alabama having won 15 National Championships, and Clemson, only one. In addition, Alabama is a 7 point favorite. However, this statistic has certainly not stopped Christ Church students from making their own predictions about tonight’s game.


As gametime nears, devoted fans are waiting in anticipation. Junior Olivia Fox can barely contain her excitement whenever anyone brings up the National Championship. “I just love my Clemson Tigers! All in! I will be nose to the TV screen and singing Tiger Rag. I am so proud to be a Tiger this year!”

Junior Rebecca Norwood, who is both an Auburn and a South Carolina fan, decided she hates Clemson more and will be pulling for Alabama. In preparation for the game, Rebecca said, “I hope I don’t have a lot of homework Monday night so that I can stay up and watch the game.” Rebecca thinks the National Championship will be a close game, but Clemson will come out on top.

Like many other students, junior Sydney Williams left this past Saturday for Arizona to attend the game. An avid Clemson fan, Sydney said, “When I watched Clemson win the Orange Bowl from Miami, I got so hype for the Natty. Go tigers!”

Though many students have speculated the outcome of the game, few have gone as far as junior Schuyler O’Brien who predicted that Alabama Running Back and Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry will tear his ACL.

The game begins at 8:30 tonight on ESPN where the best college football team in the country will come out on top.

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