People Coming Home Empty Handed At the Emmy’s

Op-ed At this years Emmy’s, there were many big stars from both film and television. So naturally it was expected that the wins would go to shows from cable and other mediums but this year mediums like Netflix and HBO were neglected from coming home with an Emmy.


I probably should have been studying for my first AP US History quiz or the spanish test I was going to have that friday but when eight o’clock came I was sitting on my favorite leather couch in my den with a bowl of popcorn and a big smile on my face. I look forward to the Emmy’s every year since I was ten. Most of the years since, I was pleased with the winners but this year I actually threw some of my popcorn at the tv because I was so furious. The night started off on the right foot with people like Jim Parson coming home with an Emmy. But as the night went on, people became more surprised with who won, including some of the winners themselves.

Kathy Bates was in the same category as Julia Roberts, Frances Conroy, Angela Bassett, Ellen Burstyn and Allison Tolman. When they announced Kathy’s name, she looked more surprised than anyone else in the audience. When she walked up to the podium, she said that she was not expecting to win. Many people thought that Julia Roberts was definitely going to win. Anyone who saw HBO’s The Normal Heart knew that Julia should have won for her stellar performance as Dr. Emma Brookner. Julia played the real life doctor during the early 1980’s who fought to find a cure to help the thousands of gay men who were dying of AIDS in New York City.

Julia Roberts is America’s Sweetheart, most known for her roles in movies like: Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, Erin Brockovich, Eat Pray Love and Pelican Brief. When you watch her, she pulls every emotional string in your body. She is the go to girl if you want an actress who can get a message across to movie-goers. In The Normal Heart, she made the audience feel angry with the government and doctors when she was treating all of these men who were dying from an unknown disease that would later be called AIDS. Her characters relationship with her patients is truly heart warming because she wants to help these people, not win a Nobel Peace Prize. So on Emmy night when Kathy Bates’s name was called instead of Julia’s, it was very shocking even though Kathy’s role in American Horror Story was well acted. When Julia brought Dr. Emma Brookner to life in HBO’s newest movie, she also brought Emma’s work and the real Emma Brookner into our hearts.

HBO had 99 nominations, more than any other company yet, they only won 19. Netflix, the home of Orange Is the New Black, and House of Cards, only won seven nominations even though two of their shows are some of the most talked about shows today. Sherlock, the BBC show that is loved by most if not all British kids is also finding a large audience here in America. It was the most award-winning show, coming home with 7 Emmy’s. Many people are happy for some of the big wins from that night like: Jim Parsons, Louie C.K, and Joe Morton. But there were many people that didn’t win that were disappointing to the audience and I like Matt Bomer, Larry Kramer, The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, and Laverne Cox.

The past decade is known for being “The Golden Age of Television” and with reason. There were certain categories that were difficult to decide who should win because there are so many talented writers, actors, directors, and tv shows that all deserved to win. I personally have seen many of the tv shows and variety shows that were nominated this year. Every show made me laugh, cry and sometimes it happened at the same time. Even though it was somewhat disappointing this year, I know that with shows like Breaking Bad and Glee leaving our televisions there will be some new great shows to take their place at next year’s Emmy’s.