Restaurant Review: Bacon Brothers Public House

The rustic and laid-back atmosphere of Bacon Brothers Public House on Pelham Road makes it an ideal spot for dinner. The dim lighting and live music on the weekend also gives the restaurant a comfortable and inviting feel, but it is the food that sets the dining experience apart.
From appetizers and sides to sandwiches and entrees, the menu items at Bacon Brothers is anything but ordinary. Everything on the menu is based on traditional southern staples, but each item is dressed up and given a gourmet twist. For those who are waiting for an open table, there are snacks and appetizers such as Potater Tots, Cornmeal Fried Pickles, and Deviled Dust Eggs at the bar, along with specialty drinks. There are also a few televisions on the wall airing sporting events.
Once seated, the service immediately brings glass bottles of water to the table, so no one needs to wait for a refill. The most popular menu item of the night was the B.E.T sandwich, stacked high with fine meat, cheese, peppercorn mayo, arugula, topped with a fried egg, adding a surprise to every bite. Other entrees include Wild Shrimp & Grits, Carolina Classics Catfish, and Smoked Brisket, which have all been given a slight make-over by the chefs, making them Bacon Brother’s originals.
Surprisingly, some of the most popular items on the menu are the sides. The favorite of the table was the Onion Rings. They were light, crispy, and fried to perfection, served with a sweet sorghum dipping sauce. A close contender was the Sweet Corn Succotash. One of the healthier sides, this mixture of butter beans, corn, and tomatoes is seasoned with basil and served warm. The lightness of this dish complements the heavier flavors of other items on the plate.
On this particular Saturday night, our very own Mr. David Sims was a part of the live band entertaining the diners with music. The song choices, ranging from hits by Bob Marley to Blondie, created a relaxing environment in which the diners could take their time and enjoy their meal. The music and chatter create some noise, but that only contributes to an intimate feel.
All in all, Bacon Brothers provides a unique experience that satisfies one’s taste buds and provides an easy-going atmosphere in one.