CCES Students Rush to Buy New iPhones


iPhone 6s (Mikaela Towler/Staff Photo).

The apple didn’t fall from the tree with the new iPhone 6s and 6s plus. With the new iPhone released, many ecstatic Christ Church students rushed to pre-order it as soon as possible.

The new iPhones include improved features such as a better camera and a 3d touch system. The 3d touch is an exciting new feature that responds based on how much pressure you place on the screen. Christ Church senior Benjamin O’Brien was thrilled about the release of the new iPhone and got his on the day after it came out. “The 3d touch is essentially like a right click on a computer,” O’Brien said. The 3d touch introduces new features where you can press harder on an app or on the home screen and it will give you certain options. For example, when you press down harder on the phone icon, it will show you your first 3 favorites to call. Christ Church senior Mikaela Towler was also in a tizzy when the new iPhone came out and said, “when you’re texting and you have a large paragraph, you can press hard and have a cursor.”

IOS 9 also came with the new iPhones that brought about improvements on the battery time, the camera functions, and overall design of the phone. IOS 9 brought in a new feature called Low Power Mode. Low Power Mode extends your battery life by up to three hours but reduces your iPhone’s performance and cuts out some background activities. With Low Power Mode on mail has to be fetched manually, background app refresh is disabled, and motion and brightness are reduced. Towler said “I had the iPhone 5 before I got [the iPhone 6s] so i absolutely adore the fingerprint scanner and the bigger screen.” This new iPhone is a whopper, and Christ Church students love it.