Danced the night away

Sydney Lee, Staff Member

It is sad that they school year is coming to an end. One of the only upsides to the end of the year is homegoing. Homegoing is filled with many new memories, dress up days, activities etc. One of the highlights of the whole school year is the homegoing dance. Somehow student council manages to transform a normal gym into a beautiful dance floor with an awesome DJ (#yeah THAT DJ) and decorative string lights hanging from the walls. This has always been one of my favorite activities Christ Church has offered. It is a beautiful, unforgettable night where all your worries seems to vanish.

This years homegoing dance was one of the best yet with the most vibrant students. The girls were in pretty dresses and the boys in a nice shirt and jeans. Everyone was constantly dancing close together and smiles were all around. There were tables placed around the dance floor for people to lay their items down and a food bar filled with delicious snacks and water.

Songs by famous artists, such as Cardi B, Bruno Mars, and Pitbull played and everyone was close together in the center of the dance floor. It was amazing to see students become carefree as their hands were in the air. People were dancing so hard to the point that they had to take off their shoes which automatically creates a great dance filled with awesome school spirit. Then of course came the slow dances where everyone caught their breath and grabbed on to a best friend or someone else close to them. All of these songs created a different vibe that all students accepted and enjoyed. 

The dance seemed to go by all too fast. Eventually, the lights turned on, the DJ left, and students got into their cars, but everyone was left with the same feeling of gratitude of coming together for one night, forgetting about their problems, and simply enjoying each others presence in the middle of the dance floor.