Tacky Pop-Up Prom

Lilly Maple, Staff Writer

Lilly Maple
Have you ever walked into a store looking for the tackiest dress? Have you rummaged through racks of a thrift store in search of the perfect combination of shiny satin and puffy sleeves? If you went to CCES Pop-up Tacky Prom, you’ll know exactly what that perfect dress looks like. From the moment the homecoming events were announced, almost all of the girls in the upper school could be heard exchanging ideas about each other’s dresses and the best place to get one of their own. By the time Tuesday came, the girls were excitedly comparing each other’s outfits and deciding just how tacky they wanted to dress.

The week full of fun began on Friday, September 22, when each grade level was assigned a specific color to dress in during the day. The creativity continued into Homecoming week the next Monday, when the students dressed up as branches of the military. On Tuesday, the students sported “hip-hop” attire and on Thursday, they dressed up as famous characters. This participation in costumes and other homecoming events is what makes this week so enjoyable and helps students take a fun break from work during the week with exciting activities and friendly competition between grade levels.

The same creativity in dressing up was especially seen at Tuesday’s Tacky Pop-Up Prom. Students were invited to Tacky Prom on Tuesday, September 26, as a part of the school’s week-long lineup of homecoming events. The walls of the upper school cafeteria were packed with dancing students in festive outfits from both the girls and the boys. While this was a new addition to homecoming activities, many students loved the idea of the Pop-Up Prom and hopefully there will be another event like this in years to come.