Latin 3 Students Celebrate the End of the Year

Lilly Harris, Staff

The Latin 3 Honors students began the ending to a challenging yet fun filled year by creating a feast based on a Latin translation they read earlier this month. The passage they read followed the life of an elderly couple named Philemon and Baucis who, due to their pious ways, are rewarded with exemption from the Gods’ punishments with eternal life with one another in the form of trees. Students created cups, bowls, a table, and of course, food in order to celebrate the ending of the year.  


CCES students Anne Stewart, Maren, and Janie created different forms of cups and bowls and jokingly wanted to put the food in their clay-made creations throughout the celebration. Janie remembered to bring a “red variety of Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice” to celebrate as well. The menu also included cupcakes with date, nut, and honey toppings, figs, homemade jam from Christa,  apples, and  grapes. Mr. Bousman initially wanted to bring in honey from his own bee hives but couldn’t due to rain the night before.


The organic honey that he picked up from the grocery store, however, was a special treat for the students because it still had the honeycomb inside the jar. Mr. Bousman enthusiastically encouraged all the students to give it a try, many of whom were surprised about how good it tasted. The students had their feast on one tiny table made by Kevin.
The class did a wonderful job  turning their assignment into a fun filled Friday of good food and joking around, still while incorporating Latin. Mr. Bousman looks forward to the next few years with this round of Latin students, all of whom will be enrolled in AP with him next fall.