Open Season

The prom season is soon to be underway.

Though prom is still months away, floor length dresses have already begun to dominate the screens of the upperclasswomen at CCES. The hunt for the perfect dress that will make an appearance for one night is not taken lightly at Christ Church. The go-to way to pass the time during class after Christmas break is by exploring the options available on the world wide web.

Prom veterans know not to hesitate if they spot a suitable dress because a “who wore it better” situation is not an option. Every year a Facebook group is started where girls share pictures of their dresses to ensure that there will be no outfit repeats on the big night. This year the group was formed on January 17 and already features a few selections.

Senior Rebecca Norwood, a two year prom veteran, knew that when she found the dress of her dreams early last fall, there was no reason not to purchase it with prom in mind. With her perfect dress now in her closet, Norwood says that she enjoys helping friends find dresses that they love as much as she loves hers.

Still others knew what they would be donning at this year’s prom even sooner. During her junior year, senior Olivia Ryan made the decision to wear the dress that her older sister and Christ Church alumna Madeline Ryan dazzled in at the 2015 prom. Ryan says that it is a great relief not to have to worry about locating, purchasing, and altering a gown this year. Ryan admits that her pre-cal grade in particular suffered during prom dress hunting season in 2016.

Each prom attendee has a dream for how the night will unfold but has even more so a dream for how they will look. Senior Victoria Haskins feels that while last year her simple powder blue dress with a deep v neckline was elegant, at her senior prom, she wants to “do something different, a little more out there”. Senior Julia DePiero echoed Haskins’s thoughts by saying, “my dress last year was nice, but I want something different this year.”

No girl wants to settle for her look at prom. Former prom chair Bralie Runge is no exception. She said, “I’ve glanced over a couple dresses, but have not found the one” for 2017 prom. Senior Kaelyn Williams claims to have only looked every once in a while when she is particularly unamused during Spanish class. Haskins warns that “You need to have your dress by mid-March so that you have time for alterations.”   

While the possibilities for online shopping are nearly endless, there are several websites that seem to be a hotspot for the Christ Church girls to browse. DePiero said, “I have started to look on sites like Revolve that feature apparel from several designers which I think is pretty popular so that you have a variety of options.” Girls also mentioned Saks, Nordstrom and Free People as common shopping destinations.

Prom dress shopping is an easy and popular topic of discussion this time of year. No matter the popular style, unique look, or bright color, each girl is sure to look very beautiful at this year’s prom.