The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Upper School students must take their first semester exams before being released for winter break.


Roe Willcox

Upper School students are preparing for exams before the holiday break.

As the holidays approach, Christ Church students still have an inevitable obstacle to overcome before winter break begins. Mid-December is a time for students to demonstrate their knowledge acquired from the first semester by preparing for and taking exams. Most students are glad that Christ Church finishes the semester with exams in December so that they do not have to worry about schoolwork over the break.

While it is relieving to get the stressful week out of the way, some students find the studying takes priority over important Christmas festivities. Senior Christian Merkt said, “Exams kind of bring my holiday spirit down, but after my last exam, I get hype for the holidays”.

These are the first Upper School exams for the freshmen, and many of them are stressed out. Freshman Maren Guecker says that “compared to middle school exams, Upper School exams take longer to complete and cover much more material.” She believes that her most challenging exam will be Mrs. Bouldin’s Ancient & Medieval History exam. Freshman Austin Hinrichsen is dreading his English exam, but he says “I hope to be well-prepared for it after a weekend of studying.” Hinrichsen also adds that he “will take advantage of E period and ask teachers for extra help.” On the other hand, freshman CJ Farr feels confident going into his exams, and he says he plans to only study 45 minutes in total. The freshmen also received a compiled list of study tips from the seniors which will aid them during the difficult exam weeks.

The other Upper School students are already familiar with the CCES exam process. Sophomores and juniors understand the importance of performing well on these exams, and for seniors, these exams are the last that will affect their transcripts for the college admission process. After admitting that her test averages are “not too great”, senior Sophie Temple says exams usually improve her grades. Senior Isabella DiBlanda wants to study at least four hours for each of her exams, but she will prioritize to one exam as well by “allocating seven hours of her day to economics.”

Christmas is a light at the end of the tunnel for exam week for many students. Sophomore Lucy Kehl looks forward to partaking in annual holiday fun. Kehl and her family always make sure to take a trip to look at the Christmas lights at the Roper Mountain Science Center, a popular winter activity in the Greenville area. Some students just enjoy the general cheer that seems to fill the atmosphere around Christmas. Senior Kaelyn Williams said, “I just love the whole environment, the holiday spirit”.

Each family is sure to have their own holiday traditions that their Christmas would not be complete without. Freshman Frankie Haskins reflects fondly on the cheery day by saying that he and his two sisters “get up and are forced to sit on the stairs to take a picture. We always go to stockings first because Victoria makes us.”

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Merry Christmas, Cavaliers!