Students Explore Southern History


Schuyler O'Brien

Mrs. Carmichael teaches the Southern History elective class at CCES.

At Christ Church, there is a wide variety of classes a student can take. For example, a student can take Orthopedic Anatomy, Strength and Conditioning, and Nutrition and Exercise Science outside of the traditional PE class to earn physical education credits. For history, a student can also choose from a plethora of different courses. One of these options is Southern History taught by Mrs. Carmichael.

This class is an interesting choice for upperclassmen that diverts from the typical American or European history class. Southern History is particularly interesting considering the proximity of the history to Greenville; the material learned for this class directly relates to Greenville or South Carolina as a whole. The curriculum begins around the American Revolution and is centered around South Carolina’s involvement in history. The curriculum goes all the way to more contemporary history such as the Civil Rights Movement.

There are usually only five or so students taking the class at one time, so it is fun because it is an intimate class. Mrs. Carmichael is passionate about the subject of the class and about American history in general. Her favorite topic to discuss in the class is the Civil Rights Movement which centers around sit-ins, Martin Luther King Jr., and Dixiecrats. Her favorite historical figure is Thomas Jefferson who is also discussed in the class. The class is also intriguing because it stands out on a transcript and will help a student during the college admissions process.

These small, specialized classes at CCES should be taken advantage of by Upper School students. They allow for students to learn about matters that are not typically included in high school curriculum. Since these classes are specialized, the teachers who teach them must have a certain passion about the subject area and will give the students a thorough and fun learning experience.