Homecoming 2016 – Skating With My Homies


Joe and Logan enjoyed skating the night away (Sydney Lee/Staff Photo)!

Christ Church students are literally rolling into the new school year. Students rock and rolled their way through the Skate Place on Wednesday night of Homecoming and attempted to skate with the lights on and off. All grades illuminated the night in bright, neon clothes. Freshmen girls and boys wore neon t-shirts, and sparkly makeup was seen on almost every girl. The sophomores competed in relay races against the seniors, and everyone took part in the limbo line. Skating through the sea of people you could find 10th grade girls sporting electric orange traffic vests and wearing some ballerina tutus. Even football players like Camp and Jackson took a few falls while getting used to the skates. Couples like Logan and Joe and Bates and Lee were literally falling for each other on the skating floor.