The Donut Experiment

A new donut craze is sweeping Greenville! The Donut Experiment on Augusta Road gives Greenvillagers the option to create their own donuts. With toppings from sprinkles to bacon, the Donut Experiment is sure to please all customers with varied tastes. As soon as you enter Augusta Circle in the morning, the aroma of hot doughnuts will fill your nostrils. A friendly smile will greet you upon entering the shop.

The special thing about The Donut Experiment is that each donut is your creation! The base is a cake donut which you design to your own tastes. You can keep it simple with a plain donut or you can dress it up to have maple icing with sea salt, sriracha, and fruity pebbles . . . whatever your heart desires!

We recently travelled to test out the new shop, and it was absolutely scrumptious. Upon entering, we were greeted with friendly smiles and the utmost hospitality. The cakey doughnuts were extremely filling instead of being light and airy. The best thing is that each donut is tailored to your own individual tastes. There is an abundance of options available for creating your perfect donut. Head on over to The Donut Experiment today to make your own donut!