Sophomore Projects Begin Today

William Allen, class of 2015, gave a presentation for his sophomore project three years ago (

William Allen, class of 2015, gave a presentation for his sophomore project three years ago (

Each year, tenth graders from Christ Church Episcopal School complete their sophomore projects. Through an extensive essay and presentation, the project is designed to help students enhance their collaboration skills and learn about a new topic. For the past two years, CCES faculty has been experimenting with new ways to go about the sophomore project. Last year, the sophomores worked in groups to achieve a “design challenge.” This year, the tenth graders are writing essays about an international issue. This project, with a heavy emphasis on literature and world affairs, will help to instill confidence and a sense of pride in the Sophomores. The tenth graders will present in groups, as last year’s sophomores did. The teachers hope that, in writing about non-American issues, the students will broaden their horizons internationally.

Currently, the Class of 2018 has completed writing their essays. Now, they must move on to practicing presentation skills. Sophomore Cliff Gandis has found the sophomore project to be, “challenging but rewarding. [He] has put a lot of hard work into it, but [he’s] sure it will be worth it when it is all said and done.” They are set to begin presenting February 6th, 2016. James Browning, also a sophomore, believes that the “sophomore project has encouraged [him] to step out of [his] comfort zone and study things [he] usually wouldn’t.”

The sophomores have currently finished their essay and are working on mock presentations. For the majority of the class, this will be their first time making a presentation in front of a large crowd. Thankfully, they will have two to three people accompanying them on stage. Few of the brave sophomores will be delivering the presentation on their own. Mae Ling, a senior, says that the sophomore project “really gave [her] a way to start presenting. Presentation skills are something you have to have no matter what field you go into. So, it was really nice to have that experience as a sophomore.”

February 2 is the big day for sophomores at Christ Church. Presentations are set to begin at 8:00 am on the dot. This year’s projects will be conducted throughout the whole day as opposed to previous years where they dragged out for 2-3 days. Good luck, sophomores!