Christ Church Students Investing in Stock Market


The stock market club leaders pose for a photo (Schuyler O’Brien/Staff Photo).

The Christ Church stock market club is bursting onto the Upper School scene with thirty-five members. The club plans to invest a group fund into the stock market and manage it throughout the year. By the end of the year, the club hopes to have gained knowledge about the stock market and to have turned a profit.

The leaders are Josh Fisher, Radford Swent, and Conrad Pentaleri. Pentaleri says that his inspiration is Jordan Belfort from the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. He says that he interested in being a stock broker in the future. Swent says that he is a leader “because I’m very interested in gaining money from his summer job at Jimmy Johns.” Both enjoy the stock market because there is more of a research component to gaining money. For Swent, it “reminds him of Fan Duel,” a fantasy sports business. The two are similar in that people put money in a stock or a player where there is uncertainty in the outcome.

The club has plans to group together a fund and invest it. A $15 minimum investment is required to be in the club, according to Pentaleri. At the end of the year, the group will redistribute the money that they either earned or lost to the members based on the percentage of the total initial fund the member invested. During the year the club will manage the fund. The goal of the group is to teach more about the stock market to their naive members.

At their second meeting of the school year, Pentaleri arranged for JP Cullen, father of CCES senior and stock market club member Walker Cullen, to speak to the club. Mr. Cullen is a professional financial advisor. He spoke to the club about different markets and how to determine what stocks to invest in.

Behind the leadership of Pentaleri and Swent, the stock market club has big plans for a successful school year of investing as they hope to turn large profits in the stock market.