Upstate Preparing for Massive Winter Storm

Schoology has become many students best friend as they watch for updates about whether or not we will have school Thursday. As Thursday February, 26th approaches, many students at Christ Church Episcopal School, prepare for a huge winter storm as it makes its way up the coast. Many students are worrying about the potential for snow days and the delay of school work.

About a week ago this storm was originally forecasted as an ice storm and then gradually took shape as a snow storm, tricking many meteorologists. This week of bad weather began on Tuesday when citizens of the upstate woke up to dustings of snow with more falling fairly quickly. Due to this start of inclement weather, most schools in the area closed for the day except for CCES who made the call to remain open for the entire day instead of risking calling for a snow day.

CCES students came to school Tuesday morning upset about not having a snow day but most began to realize that Dr. Kupersmith had made the correct call. Dr. Kupersmith is extremely careful about making snow day calls because he takes into consideration the parents of the children as well as the many teenage drivers having to drive onto camps.

Dr. Kupersmith also says that he does not believe in morning delays when he wrote a post on the CCES facebook page saying, “I will likely steer clear of delays. We are not conditioned for them. Starting at 10 creates challenges for parents who work outside of the home – balancing child care with work responsibilities. I generally will opt to close or remain open.”

Now, CCES students are very grateful we had school Tuesday because Greenville County Schools as well as Saint Joseph’s Catholic School now officially have to make up any school days missed due to inclement weather.

Thursday is showing another possibility for missed school days, as the Weather Channel has many Winter Weather Advisories for several South Carolina areas including Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Pickens, as well as many counties in both North Carolina and Georgia. Meteorologists are calling for these areas to get from around 4-6 inches of snow, as well as a significant amount of rain.

Greenville in particular is being advised by the National Weather Service that citizens should expect around 5-8 inches as well as rain and black ice. Citizens of Greenville County are already preparing for this potential for snow coming to our area.

If this snow day does occur the way that meteorologists are calling for, citizens need to remain conscious about the roads, as well as power outages. Safety is an important concern for many in the upstate!