Monday Kicks off Exciting Homecoming Week


CCES Homecoming 2014 opened with a bang on this Monday September 22, 2014. The theme of the day was Mathlete versus Athlete, and students throughout the upper school dressed as stereotypical nerds or jocks. Some students sported football, basketball, soccer, and baseball jerseys while others opted for oversized glasses and suspenders. No matter what the costume, everyone made sure to bring out their best for the first day of this fun filled week.

Lunch provided ample opportunity for entertainment, with the student council’s addition of the karaoke fundraiser. More than a hundred dollars were raised during this event alone. Students were able to enjoy nominating their friends to sing a song in front of the whole school, all for a good cause of course. The undoubtedly most enthralling performance had to be Mr. Clarke and Mr. Sander’s rendition of the Disney classic, Let it Go. iPhones were raised throughout the lunchroom to make sure to capture the once in a lifetime moment.

After school, the festivities continued with a spirit night at Zaxby’s where students gathered together to eat chicken and french fries while helping the school raise money for the Family Effect. Many students also attended the homecoming night activity of Capture the Cones out on the CCES football field at 8:00.

The night began with a grand entrance from the seniors, running out from behind the football field with their game faces on. Each grade put in a great effort as they had a chance to play each of the other grades. The seniors used their years of experience, superior speed and intellect to crush every team they played, coming out on top and setting the tone for the rest of the week.

Everyone is looking forward to the rest of the fun filled week!