ICAR Comes to the CCES Campus

For most, turning sixteen is a big deal mainly because of one thing: driving. Driving means freedom and being able to go anywhere anytime. But what happens when a tragedy occurs, and an individual must learn to drive again? Or what if one has a disability, thus making it harder to learn how to drive? That is where ICAR comes in. Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research has been conducting a study to improve the teaching of driving for those physically or mentally handicapped. The ICAR team consists of people from a variety of different majors such as psychology, science, engineering, and more. Since there are so many different professionals on the team, the ability to improve is tremendous.

ICAR has come to the Christ Church campus to collect data for their study and have asked high school students to participate. About 30 students volunteered to be in the experiment, and each participant is required to meet at least once with the ICAR faculty. During this time the they will use a simulator, which imitates experiences drivers must face while on the road. Some of the simulations include pressing the gas peddle and turning the wheel. Kat Davis, a sophomore, said that looking at the three-screen monitor “hurt her eyes.” Although staring at a screen for 50 minutes would hurt anyone’s eyes, the screen had amazing graphics. Jonathan Morse, a junior, said that “the jaw-dropping effects mesmerized me.”

By participating in this study, students have helped the ICAR researchers collect data. This data will help improve learning for the handicapped and also improve teaching techniques.