Summer Excitement

With school coming to an end, there is only one thing on the students’ minds… SUMMER! Summer is a time full of friends, fun, and sun. It is when students can finally relax and not be constantly stressed with the pressures of school work. The variety of summer plans is endless, varying from international travel, summer camps, mission trips, volunteer opportunities, the beach, to many more. So what are your summer plans?

After interviewing some students at Christ Church, the Athenian found that the most popular summer activities include travel and summer programs. Summer Encounters has become the most well-liked summer program here at CCES. This program is a compilation of day camps that take place on the Christ Church campus throughout the summer. The children “catch the excitement” with artistic, educational, and physical programs. A neat aspect about Summer Encounters is that Upper School students can be part of the staff, and many students who have been counselors before are excited to return. One of the prior counselors Liam Barr said, “I’m excited about the new variety of camps for this summer and all of the fun to be had!”

Many students are also excited for traveling this summer, either to the beach, across the country, or across an ocean. Whether it is just to visit family, get some sun at the beach, or help others, students are ready for a change in scenery. Current junior Eileen Robertson will be going to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip this summer, and current sophomore Carter Jay will be going to Jamaica for his brother’s wedding. Another fun aspect of the break is summer camps. Over the summer, students can pack a trunk and move into a cabin anywhere from one week to five weeks or more. At camp one can find a love for new activities, like archery, boating, mountaineering, or arts and crafts. Summer camp is a great way to escape the real world and make new friendships that will last forever.

Even though summer is a time of freedom, the work never ends. Christ Church students can keep their brains active with all of their summer work, which is supposed to be completed by the start of the new school year. The most popular trend for students is to save all of the work for the week, or even a few days before the first day of school. Carter adds that he is “really excited about summer work” and that “there are some great books on the menu.”

Aside from school work, many students will be a part of educational programs during the summer. For example, current junior April Chen has been accepted to work in the MedEx program in the Greenville hospital. Summer jobs are also on high schoolers’ minds as they hope to find a fun and easy way to make a few dollars over the break.

CCES students are “excited for warm weather,” to “get tan,” and for “freedom and fun!” After all “summer is when the magic happens.”