Homecoming 2013: Pair Day Photo Gallery


Seeing double? Following Greek Day on Monday, students expressed their creativity on Tuesday with the theme of Pair Day.  On Pair Day, students dressed similarly with a partner or with a group of people.

The best dressed pairs or groups from each grade were represented during lunch.  Daniel Dixon and Micah Banks represented the freshmen class as Cavalier fanatics because they covered themselves from head to toe in Christ Church apparel.  The sophomore class was represented by Anna Hallman and Nell Gray Rasmussen who dressed as the inspirational football coaching Frost brothers.  Alex Mahaffey and Jackson Weede represented the junior class as Lloyd and Harry from the early ‘90s movie Dumb and Dumber.  The juniors were also represented by Isabel Pentaleri and Hannah Foster who dressed as Napoleon and Kip form the movie Napoleon Dynamite.  Finally, the senior class was represented by Ellie Williams, Josh Rodgers and Isaiah Hogue as  the Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz.  The teachers then voted on which grade they thought had the best costumes. The junior and senior class tied in the voting because as Radford Swent put it, “Their ideas were original and originality is most important to winning the costume contest.”

After school, students had a great time eating dinner at Firehouse Subs, where partial profits went to this year’s charities and then participating in Capture the Cones at school on the practice football field at seven.

All the events of Pair Day helped make it exciting and a great success for the entire Upper School.  So far, homecoming has been great even though it isn’t even half way over.