Homecoming 2013

Monday-Greek Day

Freshman Show off their Ancient Greek Fashion

Homecoming Week started in full swing on Monday for Greek Day. The students were able to interpret Greek however they wished, so some represented ancient Greece in togas and headbands, while others represented college Greek life, dressed in Patagonia shorts, backwards hats, and button downs. 

 Each grade was able to show off their best dressed during Assembly, where representatives modeled their costumes. The Seniors even performed an impromptu skit that gained a fair bit of attention. Immediately following Assembly, students were able to draw names out of a cup for a new game that will be played throughout the week called Capture. Every student who signed up for this game will try to capture their victim by marking him or her with a pen, and then will receive that person’s victim. 

During lunch, the Jail ‘N Bail was in full swing. Students were constantly paying money to put their friends in jail, a small sectioned off part of the cafeteria, and those in jail had to remain in there unless they could pay their bail. 

The night activity was a new addition to Homecoming Week. Based on America’s Funniest Home Videos, this event aired short, funny videos that had been sent in by students. Most of these videos were from the middle school years, so laughs were guaranteed. This took place on the field hockey field, so everyone sat on blankets as they watched the video clips as they were projected onto a large tarp. Dinner was also provided by the Student Council, which included breakfast items such as pancakes, bacon, and grits. 

Overall, the first official day of Homecoming was a great success. There was great school spirit and participation that started the week off right.