Varsity Swim Team Kicks off 2017 Season

Peyton Gillespie, Staff Writer

The Varsity Swim team kicked off the 2017 season with The Splashdown Invitational at Westside Aquatics after finishing last season with a record of 9-1. This season consists of 7 swim meets at various local pools. Mr. Jacobssen has taken over as the new head coach at the start of this year’s season after serving as the assistant coach for several years. Because of Jacobssen’s experience as a coach, multiple students believe the team has a legitimate chance of winning a state championship.


Alexa Kabas, Anne Marie Faris, Diana Geary, Kailee Morgan, and Arthur Bishop all swam on the 2014 team that won the most recent state championship. “The captains and seniors are great influences for everyone, including the younger kids… they push everyone to swim faster and also create a good team atmosphere by creating challenging practices that are still enjoyable” says junior Kailee Morgan, who has been on the Varsity team since her seventh grade year. Many kids look forward to their senior year and all the privileges that come along with becoming a senior. Seniors on the swim team have the opportunity of stepping up to be a leader for the younger kids. The influence of the upperclassmen creates a very unique and dynamic atmosphere for any sports team – one necessary for winning a state championship.