CCES Bracket Challenge


Filled with excitement, cinderella stories, upsets, and brackets, March madness defines the beginning of spring more than anything else. These two weeks of tournament style college basketball spark fanatics to do things as crazy as a three point buzzer-beater for the national championship.  For example, according to Time Magazine, the number of vasectomies performed spikes in the weeks of the tournament. Men willingly give up their man-parts to watch sports. Certain clinics offer a free pizza in their $595 “Vas Madness” package (no pun intended). We are not offering this deal, but we can come close with the CC Bracket challenge. One entry in our challenge group could mean you have a full page print of your face in our magazine.  Thomas Round, Class of 2016 and freshman at Clemson University, was last year’s champion.  He edged out Zachary Idris for the win by his bold choice of putting the Wildcats of Villanova over the North Carolina Tarheels.  Thomas’s photoshoot produced one of the most popular full page prints that the school has witnessed.  Click here to enter your bracket in our group “” through The password to the group is “TheCavalier17”.  Good luck!