Spirit Week 2017: Student-Faculty Basketball Game

The newly returned student-faculty basketball game helped Spirit Week come to an exciting end. After an hour and a half of action-packed fun, the students came out with a victory of 54-46 over the faculty.

Both sides, however, were confident before the game. Ryan Putman, the head coach for the students, said that there had been “a lot of work” put into the game, and he hoped it would “turn out good.” Mr. Clarke, during preparation, said, “we are going to have a lot of disappointed students I’m really worried about student body moral.” After all was said and done, a good amount of friendly camaraderie was formed between the students and the faculty. To get full representation of the student body, the freshmen and sophomores played the first quarter of the game, the Juniors played the second quarter, and two Senior squads played the third and fourth quarters. The game was commentated by students Davis Houser and Chase Poplin along with history teacher Mr. Burford. The introduction of the faculty players was made spectacular by Mr. Halverson and his strobe light set-up. Each faculty member had an individual entrance followed by a greeting by Dr. Kupersmith. Some student and faculty players were obviously crowd favorites. Reece Wright and Darren Lewis both had significant support from the audience. In between the quarters, Student Body President Schuyler O’Brien lead students in the crowd with half-court and free throw shot contests as entertainment. The long, competitive game was a worthy end to our Spirit Week.