Fockey Season in Review

The senior players pose together after their game on senior night.

In many ways, Christ Church sets itself apart from other schools, both large and small, in the state. While CCES thrives in academics, arts, and community service, the athletic programs continue to go above and beyond. One of the school’s most revered teams is the varsity field hockey team, the only organized field hockey team in South Carolina. This year the team did not disappoint as they won 5 games on the season and defended its title of state champions.
The team was led by senior captains Zoe Bell, Glenn Kelaher, Julia Depiero, and Victoria Haskins. Coach Melissa Harrill conditioned and organized the girls into the respectable team that they became.
The Lady Cavs had a slow start after the first couple games in Charlotte resulted in brutal losses. However, the Charlotte teams are known for being particularly advanced, so the Lady Cavs were not dismayed by these losses. The first win came on September 10th against Asheville School. Since then, the girls have gone on to win four more games, ending the year one game behind a .500 winning percentage at 5-7. The team spent many hours traveling to and from North Carolina before the first home game, the seventh game of the season overall, on September 21st.
While the girls enjoy winning, they made sure to find time for what was really important: having a fun time. Senior forward Emma Grover has been playing for the Cavs since 8th grade and said, “field hockey has been a fun time where I can just hang with my friends.”
The team this year was fairly young with only 8 seniors compared to last year’s 13. The senior athletes were recognized on October 5th for senior night before varsity game. The Lady Cavs defeated Asheville School on the Linda B. Reeves Field that night. Many of the seniors have been playing since they were in 7th grade, and the sport has been an impactful aspect of their journey through both Middle and Upper School. Senior Bralie Runge said, “field hockey is such a strong part of my identity. The friendships I have made are unreal, and I have learned so much about myself. I will always be thankful to Christ Church for providing me with the opportunity that I could not find anywhere else in South Carolina.”