Sports Debate Club

Do you find yourself passionately debating with your friends about the most controversial and influential topics in the sports world? If so, the newly founded Sports Debate Club could be a good fit for you. The sole purpose of the club is to debate about the week’s most influential and controversial games, seems like the perfect idea for a club full of people who are passionate about sports.

The Sports Debate Club seeks to provide a platform in which sports fans can recount the games played in the previous weeks and can give their best predictions to a team’s or player’s future performance. In the meetings so far, members have discussed and debated college football, the NFL, and even the MLB.

The primary purpose of the club is to have “people come together to debate about the previous week’s sports events” says co-founder Jack Strausbaugh. “This year we will continue to talk about other sports and eventually make a March Madness bracket for everyone in the club” he added.

As the year progresses, each member will also be participating in ESPN’s Streak for Cash, where members can attempt to predict wins and losses in specific matchups.

Hopefully, each member will enjoy the experience, and the club will attract members for years to come. “We have a solid leader coming up in Thomas Slade, the co-founder, who is going to keep [the club] going for the next year, and hopefully, we’ll keep growing in numbers,” says Strausbaugh.