Homecoming 2016 – Powderpuff Football

Junior-Sophomore team defeated the Senior-Freshmen team in a dominating performance to finish off Homecoming.

Last Friday, on the final day of the Christ Church Homecoming week, one of the most popular and anticipated events took place. The annual Powderpuff game featured the Senior/Freshman team against the Junior/Sophomore team in a heated flag football matchup.

The game was called from the press box by a group of senior boys, with color commentary by Tom Fincher and Davis Houser, along with special insight from coaches Zachary Idris and Keval Rama. Both teams, coached by members of the varsity football team, felt very confident that they would win.

Early on in the game, it became very clear which team this would be. On one of the first plays from scrimmage, sophomore Tariney Pepper shredded the Senior/Freshmen defense for a long touchdown run. Tariney would do this two other times throughout the course of the game, giving the Junior/Sophomore team a 20-0 lead towards the end of the fourth quarter. The team missed one extra point as the senior boys in the press box sounded the scoreboard airhorn during the play to distract the kicker. However, in the closing minutes of the game, freshman quarterback Alina Nawratil, who plays wide receiver for the JV football team, ran through the Junior/Sophomore defense for a touchdown. While it was inconclusive whether or not her flag was pulled during the play, she was awarded the touchdown, making the final score of the game 20-6 in favor of the Junior/Sophomore team. This score was up for debate, however, as the boys in the press box continuously changed the score on the scoreboard, at one time giving the Senior/Freshmen ninety-nine points. In the end, though, the Junior/Sophomore team was declared victorious.

Members of the team were elated after their win, especially the coaches who ruthlessly taunted the opposing coaches of the Senior/Freshmen team. Senior head coach Conrad Pentaleri accepted full blame for the loss saying “This one is on me. There was no organization or unity to our team.”

The Seniors, however, got the last laugh as it was announced at the end of the game that they had earned the most grade points during Homecoming week. They were awarded the Chalice of Cheer and promptly screamed and jumped wildly up and down in celebration.