Homecoming 2016 – Dodgeball


One of the great traditions of Christ Church Homecoming is the annual dodgeball tournament. It did not cease to be full of intense action and inspiring upsets this year.

Per usual, there were many creative team names. For example, some team names were Scrubs United, Balla-rinas, 80’s Ladies, and Team 12. One team, named the Voices Actively Protecting the Environment Nation (V.A.P.E. Nation), learned the sad news of their name being changed by the administration to Los Gatos. Thomas Prosperini was a member of Los Gatos and was disgruntled to hear of the name change. Team Y&B was another team name although no one knew exactly what it stood for. Team members told three different meanings ranging from “Young and Bold”, to “Young and Beautiful”, and “Yellow and Black.”

There was much excitement leading up to the tournament from both students and faculty. Mrs. Lysek organized the event and said, “It’s gonna be epic!” Kahu David was also in attendance and was curious to see who “the most artful dodgers” were. Mr. Clarke and Mr. Whited served as the referees.

The two male senior teams, Team 12 and Team Y&B, were the favorites in the tournament and had an intense rivalry throughout the night. Commenting on the rivalry, all Team Y&B Head Coach Keval Rama had to say was “Radford is soft.” However, this rivalry never came to be as a head-to-head matchup, for Team Y&B lost in a stunning upset to the female junior team The Balla-rinas. Following the upset, the whole gym went into celebration (expect for Team Y&B) as many students were heavily rooting for the underdog junior team.

One of the special aspects of Homecoming dodgeball this year is that it was double elimination tournament. This created a losers’ bracket. Los Gatos, not demoralized from their loss to Team 12 prior, got some notable wins there. Team member Schuyler O’Brien said, “any win is a good win.”

However, one could have predicted the outcome of the night. Team 12 went on to win the final against a junior male team, The Mariposas. Ryan Putman, a member of Team 12, said, “It was a great win for the senior class.” Although the win did go to the senior team, much school spirit was shown by all, making the night a huge success.