Christ Church Volleyball Loses in Nail Biter

The CCES volleyball team lost to JL Mann on September 1 (Reece Wright/Staff Photo).

On Thursday, September 1st, the Cavalier volleyball team hosted the JL Mann Patriots. The Cavs put up a tough fight but ended up losing all three sets. Each set was relatively close, and the third set went all the way to thirty points.

The Patriots had better size than CCES, but the Cavaliers were not deterred, playing with a lot of pride and heart. The Cavs are led by junior captains Sky Benjamin and Murphy O’Brien who kept the team’s heads in the game when they were down. The Cavs lost the first set by a score of 25-17. The Cavs battled intently with the Patriots who would go on a run to finish off each set. The second set ended with a score of 25-18, and the third set ended by of a score of 31-29. The Cavaliers played substantially better as each round progressed.