A Well-Deserved Award for Josh Jackson


Hard work. Dedication. Character. These are just a few of the traits that recipients of the Brandon Burlsworth award embody. Joshua Jackson has shown these characteristics on and off the field making him a perfect inaugural recipient of the Brandon Burlsworth award in the Christ Church Upper School.

The Brandon Burlsworth awards are awarded to individuals, one per participating high school, who give “100 percent on the field and stand as a moral example to [their] team,” according to the Brandon Burlsworth Foundation’s website. The Brandon Burlsworth Foundation hopes that they will encourage the honoree to continue on the path of excellence and inspire others to follow his lead. Anyone that knows Josh would agree that he is a hardworking individual worthy of this reward. Josh is known for his kind, caring attitude and his dedication to his personal improvement.

As Josh’s name was announced, close to 400 Upper School students simultaneously stood up and cheered to give Josh a standing ovation on his walk down to receive his award. Many Christ Church Upper School students said that it just brought a smile to their face to see Josh win this award. Josh’s classmate, senior Courtney Lee, said, “Josh is so nice, super shy at first, but so sweet”. She went on to add that her first memory of Josh was in the sixth grade when Josh came to CCES. “He opened his lunchbox, and it had only three bottles of Gatorade. Josh has been a dedicated athlete ever since.”

Getting to his high level of success in both football and academics has required hard work, but Josh has persevered through all of his struggles. There have been many ups and downs for Josh, but when asked what the hardest struggle has been in sports, he said, “probably losing in the playoffs this year.”

When asked if he believed that he deserved this award, Josh said humbly, “I think so, but I’m just thankful to be able to get it and thankful I was nominated for it.” Courtney Lee agreed. “I almost cried when he received the award. He most definitely deserves it.”

With Josh getting ready to go to college next year, he is very happy to receive an award based on his hard work and character. Josh may seem quiet to some, but anyone who knows him well understands that his actions speak louder than his words. Josh has worked hard for years with integrity and humility, and now everyone will know of his strength of character when they get to see his name in the credits of the movie GREATER along with the rest of this year’s recipients of the Brandon Burlsworth Award.

Josh will graduate from the Christ Church Upper School this year, but he will be remembered by his teachers and his fellow students as a dedicated, talented athlete and a loving friend.