Swim Team Success

The Cavalier Swim Team has had a very successful season so far, winning their first four dual meets against teams such as St. Joseph’s, Greenville High, and Daniel. Senior captains Cameron Beach and Whit Rooke lead the team, but it is overall very well-rounded.
Rooke, Beach, and other seniors Ryan Simmons and Philipp Schmitz-Justen are very consistent and experienced. In addition, the younger swimmers are very important contributors, including Rak Hovart. “He is a hopeful freshman!” said Simmons. In addition, the Baker twins, Maddie and Sydney, show promise for years to come.
Despite the numerous meets and amount of success the team has had so far, there seems to be a lack of support. Rooke joked, “We don’t get many fans. We are our own fans. We cheer for ourselves.” However, this does not keep the team from striving to do their best, as they have had a winning season so far.
The swimmers began practice during the hot summer days of August in order to prepare for the upcoming season. According to some of them, there was no time for slacking because Coach Park Owings amped up the practice sets from last year. When asked about practices, Simmons said, “It’s about pain.”
All in all, the team is looking forward to yet another successful year, especially for the larger upcoming meets where they will face multiple teams. Many of the swimmers are also aspiring to make it to the State Championship meet this year.