10 Questions with Aaron Wited

New Trainer Aaron gives us insight on himself

1. Where did receive your college degree?
A: I went to Radford University for my undergraduate degree and went to Sherman College of Chiropractic
2. What factors led you to choose athletic trainer as a career?
A: I’ve been a lifelong athlete with a fascination with the medical field and I don’t like cramped offices.
3. What’s the strangest injury you’ve ever seen?
A: The strangest injury I’ve ever seen is probably a straight inferior dislocated shoulder.
4. How does CCES compared to your past schools?
A: I’m not planning on leaving anytime soon, I love it. Although I’d love to go work at Virginia Tech again.
5. How did you propose to your fiancee?
A: After I couldn’t propose due to weather after a motorcycle ride and trip to the mountains, I just did it on a whim on the back deck of our current house.
6. What’s your favorite sport to watch? (to play?)
A: I like to watch college football, GO HOKIES! I love the game of baseball, but golf is my latest obsession.
7. Have you ever lost your composure over an injury before?
A: Not in front of the injured person, but a few have really bothered me. You can’t second guess yourself in the end though.
8. What’s the most mentally scarring injury you’ve ever seen?
A: There was a wrestling tournament at Radford University where one kid was lifted off the mat and slammed onto the hardwood gym floor. He was unconscious and I had to help him for 20 minutes before paramedics arrived.
9. What advice do you give to help prevent injuries?
A: Do everything you can off the field to make you better on the field. Hydrating, stretching, conditioning and knowing your body are crucial.
10. What do you do for fun?
A: I like to golf, ride my Harley, spend time with my family, and occasionally throw a baseball.