Boys’ Lacrosse Ends Strong

Zach Cooter, Staff writer

Boys’ lacrosse is off to a hot start this year after their first season last year in which they only won three games. After the first three games of this season they had already tied their record last year with wins against Dutch Fork, Lexington, and Wade Hampton. In all three games they only allowed their opponents to score 4 goals while scoring at least ten goals in all three games.

Will Sanders has been a key player this year in attack this year with 17 goals and a spot as the top player in the nation for his position. With Will’s high level of performance the Cavs will be able to make a run for the playoffs in only the second year of a Varsity team.

The lacrosse team has a big games at Dorman on March 29 as they finish their regular season on March 30 against Eastside at home. They hope to continue their winning ways that they started their season with as they make a run towards the playoffs.