Senior Chapel Service

At CCES, we are blessed to have many special traditions that make our school unique. These traditions occur consistently year after year and help to build a strong sense of community and togetherness at the school. One such tradition is the senior chapel. It marks the last school chapel that the graduating class will attend and is a celebration of the achievements of the class by family, students, faculty, and chaplains. This year’s senior chapel took place last Wednesday. The service was a wonderful tribute to the Class of 2017. It started with a processional by the Class of 2017 into the chapel, accompanied by bagpipe tunes played by Alston Lewis. After hymns and scripture readings, Kahu David gave a brief yet touching message to the seniors and Bibles were presented to every member of the class by Kahu David, Mrs. Burton, and Mrs. Valerie. Then a group of senior choir members showed off their vocal talents by singing a rendition of “You Raise Me Up” which was greeted by much applause around the chapel. Finally, in the highlight of the service, the primers, Class of 2029, sang the classic song “I Am a Promise.” The primers left everyone smiling and let many parents in tears as they remembered their seniors as primers and thought about how far they had come and how much they had grown up. Lastly, the seniors processed out and were led by the acolytes around the CCES campus, greeted by cheers and high fives from students and teachers from all three school divisions. The service will leave a lasting impression on this year’s seniors and will always be a special moment for them. WIth college signing day, exams, and graduation all coming towards them at lightning speed, the senior chapel was a wonderful way for them to take a moment to realize how much they mean to their loved ones and to the CCES community.