Are Zombies Affecting the Average Teenager?

Alex Wright

Lately, Zombie movies have been on quite a rise. The AMC show The Walking Dead has been one of the most popular T.V. shows this past season, attracting 16.6 million viewers, according to Nielsen, in the season three winter premier. This was even more impressive when you consider that it was airing at the same time as the 2013 Grammy Awards, which caught the eye of 28.4 million viewers.  The midseason premier attracted 7.7 million viewers in the coveted 18-49 demographic, the highest key-demo viewership totals for any telecast in basic cable history, according to AMC.

But what is it that makes The Walking Dead so attractive to viewers? Some people say that it is the blood and gore in the show. Episodes regularly feature zombies getting stepped on, shot, and even hacked up with melee weapons. All of this happens while guts and brains are flying everywhere. Freshman Liam Barr says “I think Walking Dead is so appealing because it has the realistic feel that if the world were to go into a zombie apocalypse, then this is what it would feel like.” This is one of the main parts of the show that appeals to viewers, especially among teens.

Rick, a character from the walking dead, wanders into Atlanta toward an unwelcome surprise.


Others argue that it is the survival aspect. Lots of time on the show is spent on the main characters wandering around from shelter to shelter, searching for a place to stay safe from “the dead.” Walking Dead expert Jordan Pryor says “It’s not like the typical cheesy zombie movie.” This aspect of the show is what inspires most people to create a zombie apocalypse-like situation. This is the idea of zombies roaming freely, no power, and few people on your side. This craze has swept the nation, inspiring many homecoming themes, zombie-themed games, and lots of fake zombies.

This craze might not just be from The Walking Dead. There are many other shows and movies that feature supernatural creatures. One of the biggest hits in movies ever, was Twilight, starring a vampire and a werewolf. People, especially teens, are trending towards liking more and more supernatural shows and movies. This zombie thriller might just cause a zombie apocalypse takeover.


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