Underclassmen Awards Ceremony

Upper School students were honored at the Underclassmen Awards Ceremony on Wednesday (Newlin Roark/Staff Photo).

The students filed into the seats among parents, and the teachers filled the stage with one podium acting as the island in the middle. Soft piano music played in the background while the crowd quieted down amidst air full of anticipation. Kahu David led the crowd in prayer, and the Upper School Awards Ceremony began.

“The students singled out today possess a growth mindset,” said school headmaster Dr. Leonard Kupersmith in his opening remarks. However, he insisted that “every student matters,” and the Upper School Director, Pete Sanders, followed up on this statement by saying, “today’s ceremony is a celebration of all students.” Both said that they are proud of the whole student body even of students who did not receive an award.

Awards were presented by teachers, administration, alumni, parents, grandparents and special guests. Every award had their own guest to present it to the student, rendering the whole ceremony much more personal. A full list of award recipients can be found at the end of this article.

The Jones Endowment Faculty Award was awarded to the teacher of the year as decided by the Honor Council and Student Council. With a standing ovation, Mrs. Jolie Joseph received the award. Mrs. Joseph is a kind and meticulous algebra teacher in the Upper School.

Liam Barr, Jenna Taylor, and Matthew Mahaffy provided a musical break from the ceremony. The two boys played ukuleles while Jenna sang with passionate energy that echoed throughout the whole auditorium. This performance was a courageous performance that really added something special to the ceremony.

Kahu David closed the ceremony with a prayer, and students were dismissed from the auditorium to finish out the last few days of the year strongly.

(courtesy of cces.org)
Cavalier Service Recognitions
Jana Rautenbach
Barnes Elliott
Ryan Putman
Sadie Burton
Alexandria Leland
Page Arrington
Andy Xu
Schuyler O’Brien

Cavalier Spirit Awards
9th Grade: Abigail Thomas Rogers and Jan Alexander Nawratil
10th Grade: Marion Caroline Crawford and Noah Sebastian Matricciani

Daniela Dacco Award
Margaret Adelaide Kirby

Katy James Award
Margaret Adelaide Kirby

Connor McManus Memorial Award
Thomas Thornton Runge

Anna Gibbins Young Women’s Leadership Award
Mary Wallace Martin

Dartmouth College Book Award
Emma Collins Grover

Hollins University Creative Writing Book Award
Mackenzie Moran Patterson

The Randolph College Classics Book Award
Andrew Newell Allen

The Rhodes College Book Award
Jenna Ann Taylor

The St. Lawrence University Book Award
Caroline Lee Henderson

The Salem College Book Award
Davis Keats Vergnolle

The Sewanee Award for Excellence in Writing
Marisa Anne McGrady

The Vanderbilt University Book Award
Alexandria Elizabeth Leland

The Jefferson Book Award
Nathan James Akerhielm

The Wake Forest Book Award
Clare Elizabeth Essex

The Washington and Lee University Book Award
Jacquelyn Colleen James

The Wellesley College Book Award
Katherine Bralie Runge

The George Eastman Young Leaders Award
John Conrad Pentaleri

The Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award
Ryan Jameson Putman

The University of Rochester Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award
Luxin Sabrina Wang

The University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology
Austin Gunther Hayden

The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal Award
Nathan James Akerhielm

Cum Laude Society Induction
Molly Sweet Croswell
Courtney Henderson Foster
Kendal Grace Kipper
Darcy Jeannine Merline
Abigail Kathleen Posta
Margaret M. Ramirez
Zoë Hamilton Rogers
Nicole Benson Seay
Maya Anna Thompson
Olivia Wakefield Thurmond
Nathan James Akerhielm
Andrew Newell Allen
Sydney Patricia Baker
Zoe Dhamma Bell
Barnes Thomas Elliott
Emma Collins Grover
Austin Gunther Hayden
Jacquelyn Colleen James

Jones Endowment Faculty Award
Mrs. Jolie A. Joseph

The Will Grist Scholarship Award
Matthew Edward Mahaffey

The Jackie Messer Rogers Scholarship Award
Nathan James Akerhielm

The Blair Babb Smoak Memorial Award
Schuyler Shepard O’Brien

The Roger, Kirk, and Dena Stone Scholarship Award
Zhaoyue Amanda Xu