What Would You Do With $1 Billion?

People would do almost anything for one billion dollars. Across the country, over one billion dollars was on the line this month through the Lottery Powerball. The hope to be a billionaire edged itself into the minds of millions of Americans. On Wednesday, January 13th at 10:59 PM, the Powerball Lottery was drawn as friends and families everywhere turned in to find out if they won the largest Powerball Lottery in history.

There were three individuals with the winning five numbers after the drawing, causing the jackpot to be split three ways. Each winner will receive $310 million. After the federal tax of 39.6 percent, the winners will take home slightly over $187 million.

Students and faculty at Christ Church wondered hypothetically what they would do if they had won.
Junior Sean Rolland claimed that he “would call Christian van Koenigsegg and order up a three million dollar car.” Junior Schuyler O’Brien said that he would “buy the Washington Capitals hockey team and part of the Washington Redskins.”

Religion teacher Mr. Shingler said that he “wouldn’t tell a soul…. [he] would live very comfortably, a little bit nicer than [he] do[es] now but not enough to draw any attention.” He also would be “a lot more charitable in giving” but says he “wouldn’t do anything too big or ostentatious.” Upper school director Mr. Sanders said that he “would become a philanthropist.”

Despite having to split the prize three ways and to endure heavy taxes, each winner still has more than enough money to last them a lifetime and will always remember the day they won the most expensive drawing in Powerball history.