Epiphany Scholar


Olivia took a mission trip to Ecuador in 2014.

Olivia is a senior at Christ Church who is known throughout the school as someone who is friendly, smart, kind and easygoing. Olivia seems to always be willing to selflessly lend a helping hand.The Epiphany Scholar award was designed to be given to a student that displays many of the Christian attributes Olivia displays. Among the most common characteristics of an Epiphany Scholar recipient are selflessness, humility, integrity and kindness. Last week during the Wednesday chapel service, the 2016 Epiphany Scholar award was presented to Olivia.

There are many ways Olivia serves others within the Christ Church community, in the Greenville area, and internationally. Olivia can be found every Wednesday during chapel assisting with the PowerPoints. One of Olivia’s good friends, senior Darcy, spoke fondly of her and shared with the school a few additional ways Olivia helps out the community. Darcy said “Olivia volunteers at YouthBase each week and helps elementary students learn math and reading skills as well as cope with emotional issues. She even helped organize a Christmas celebration for the YouthBase kids and recruited members from Students in Action to help.” Darcy also mentioned that Olivia serves breakfast to the homeless of Greenville at Triune Mercy Center many Monday mornings. Olivia also went to Ecuador in the summer of 2014 on a mission trip with the school. Classmate and friend, Carrington, noted how on the trip Olivia loved getting to know and serving the people of Ecuador, especially the children.

Olivia’s humble attitude is another characteristic that made her a clear choice for the Epiphany Scholar award. When asked how she felt about receiving the award Olivia said “It was a huge honor. I never thought in a million years I would receive the Epiphany Scholar award. I think it is really cool what the award represents and I am excited to be alongside the extraordinary people who have won in the past.”

Olivia has served CCES well and will soon move on to college where her loving personality will continue to show. Olivia is tremendously deserving of the Epiphany Scholar award. Congratulations Olivia!