Rafe’s Rants Season 2 Episode 4


Season 2 Episode 4: Today we welcome Frankie Haskins and Max Feild to the program. This is a very football-heavy episode. To our non-football fans, don’t worry, our next episode will be very different, and I am very excited for it. As for this episode, it is a great one. We have a great Mt. Rushmore and even a change at the closing song. Lot of rivalry week and conference championship talk as well.

Today’s Topics: Intro/Waffle House 0:39-3:06, Clemson vs South Carolina 3:07-4:02, Georgia vs Georgia Tech 4:03-5:39, 5:40-7:45 Virginia vs Virginia Tech, Ohio State vs Michigan/Heisman Discussion 7:46-9:34, Wisconsin vs Minnesota 9:35-10:34, Jake Fromm/Justin Fields 10:35-11:25, Mt. Rushmore of College Football Rivalries/BREAKING NEWS 11:26-37:00, Clemson vs Virginia preview: 37:01-40:38, Utah vs Oregon preview 40:39-43:40, Oklahoma vs Baylor preview: 43:41-46:02, Georgia vs LSU Preview: 46:03-56:45, Wisconsin vs Ohio St preview: 56:46-57:24, 57:25-59:26.