Summer Anthem of 2017


DJ Khaled’s son is the primary focus on the cover of his new hit, “I’m The One.”

On Friday May 28th, DJ Khaled released a banger. The name of this new hit is “I’m the One”, featuring some of the best artists in the music industry at the moment. The track includes Quavo, Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne. This song might be the summer anthem of 2017. DJ Khaled has been known for his summer hits dating back to 2014 when he released “I’m On One”, featuring pop star artist, Drake. DJ Khaled started out as local Miami DJ before he began to release music, which pushed him to the fame and success he is at currently. The following summer, he released the platinum selling single “All I Do Is Win.”  Just two days after Khaled released his summer anthem, it reached 27 million views on Youtube and pushed it to the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 100. “What I liked most [about “I’m the One”] was probably the beat. It gave me a sense of the summer, especially Quavo’s part considering Quavo is a lyrical genius.” said Mark McEvoy. DJ Khaled’s stylistic approach to music is so fascinating because of his over-the-top ad-libs that appeal to his listeners and make them want to keep listening. DJ Khaled will forever be the king of the summer because of his flow. His vibe is smooth and settling, but at the same time has a little groove in it that makes you want to move to the beat. This style separates DJ Khaled from everyone else and shows why he will always be the king of the summer.