The Bachelor: Is This Love Real?


On Jan. 6th, 2015, thousands of viewers from all across the country came together to watch one of the most highly rated shows on national television: The Bachelor. For many people, they watch the show to see the drama with the women, and to see them fall in love so quickly.

This season, Chris Soules, the “Bachelor”, has proven to the nation how he can fall in love quickly. Originally, 30 women from all around the country came together to try at having a chance to steal Chris’ heart. Many of them seem to come on to the show in order to get attention but some claim to be there for the right reason: to fall in love with Chris and eventually become his wife.

A question that is going through many viewer’s heads is if true love can be found through The Bachelor. Although many people speculate, there have been many successful couples to come from The Bachelor as well as the The Bachelorette (this show always comes on after The Bachelor ends, most of the time having a girl from the The Bachelor being the bachelorette.) Some of these couples include: Trista and Ryan Sutter who found love on the original season of The Bachelor, Jason and Molly Mesnick (season 13), Ashley and JP Rosenbaum (season 7 of The Bachelorette), Sean and Catherine Lowe (Season 17), and Desiree and Chris Siegfried (season 9 of The Bachelorette).

Although these have been good examples of couples who have found love from the show, many viewers are still skeptical. Mary Bradley, a viewer of the show for the past three years believes in this love, but also questions it. When asked whether finding love on The Bachelor is possible, Mary Bradley responded “Yes, I believe it is possible but I am also skeptical of it because sometimes I do not believe it is true love that is being found.”

Many viewers of the show, as well as just bystanders who know about the show, seem skeptical of this love as well. Maggie, a bystander who knows about the show, answered the same question stated earlier saying, “No I do not believe you can find love on The Bachelor, even if it is not “staged” people are still competing to find a guy and I do not think you can find love like that.”

Viewers seem extremely concerned about the show being staged, especially this season’s show. A contestant on the show that Maggie and Mary Bradley both point out is Ashley S. Ashley S. began the show as one of the typical cute blond girls, then eventually showed her crazy side when she compared some of girls to onions. Ashley S. continued to act crazy during her three week span on the show, then she was eventually eliminated by Chris. Many viewers wonder if Ashley S. was faking her craziness in order to get national attention, instead of getting to know Chris. The world may never know if she was on the show for the right reason.

Although many people are skeptical of the show, a lesson can be learned. This lesson is that love is not something to joke about or play with. Love can determine a future of a person, and it does not matter the way it is found. Who knows, people might actually be able to find love on national television. As for now, viewers can continue to watch the show and hope that Chris, along with the bachelors to come, will eventually find love.