Bye Bye Birdie Musical

Bye Bye Birdie is an amazingly fun and entertaining play with many corny jokes.  The play starts off strong with happy enthusiastic music and girls running onto the stage with a mix of anti war and bye Conrad Birdie posters.  The beginning of the play is a summary of all the important characters in the play and their problems. The story is about a failing music businessman named Albert h


is secretary Rosie and Kim a 15 year old girl from sweet apple who is supposed to kiss Conrad Birdie after he sings one last kiss.  The play over all was excellent with magnificent acting by the cast. An interview with Emma Mcguire who played Albert’s mother in the play gives some of her opinions on the play. Her favorite character in the play was “Rosie played by Zoe Gandis” and the most difficult part about preparing for the play was the long hours of practice that went into it.  The practice really shows with the aforementioned great acting which is showed through harmonious coherent singing and the smoothness of the play.  In the end everything looked and felt perfectly executed during the course of the play is was truly an amazing experience.